About Us - Elements of Desire

About Us

Amrita Hans established her brand in 2004, and in a short span of time her innovative non-traditional blending of unusual materials and fabrics gained rapid recognition and popularity in India and internationally. She pioneered the creation of a new language for jewellery by skilfully bringing together a variety of materials in non-traditional blends that allowed for beautifully nuanced expressions that women never had access to before. She masterfully weaves natural elements such as semi precious stones, pure metals, silk, wood, leather and shells into bold and highly distinctive jewellery that celebrates the many enigmatic avatars of a ‘woman’. Every piece is handcrafted with utmost care and detail in her New Delhi based workshop under her personal guidance, with each one often taking several man-hours to produce. Her label, Elements of Desire, has swiftly grown into one of the foremost Indian jewellery brands and she is regularly invited to be featured at selective international exhibitions, Indian fashion weeks, national consular exhibits, Indian Merchants’ Chamber and Design One. Amrita exports her jewellery to regular buyers across the world.